Ready for a Move Night?

Host a movie viewing anywhere!

Movie Night Pricing

  • 12X7 ft. Screen equipment rental

    (for 3 hours)

    HD projector, DVD / Blu-ray Player, Full Sound System, Onsite Tech (to set up and take down eq.)

  • Additional Day(s)
  • Popcorn Machine (daily rental)
  • Cotton Candy Machine (daily rental)
  • Email or call for special pricing for community and political events.



Reservations are first come, first serve and are tentative until a $50 non refundable deposit is paid.

Inclement Weather

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your movie night due to bad weather. All fees will be refunded if the event is canceled due to the weather. If the forecast for inclement weather is 70% or more. We can reschedule your movie night to another available date, for no fee or refund all your fees.

Set Up

One hour before dusk and will be removed within an hour of the movie ending.


A non refundable $50 deposit is required to save the date. Payment in full is required prior to your event’s date.


No deposits will be refunded if event is cancelled, unless due to weather.

Lights and Noise

Please keep in mind that any outdoor lighting may affect the movie and to let your neighbors know that there may be some noise due to the movie. All events more the 35 miles from 60099 add an additional $50. (MapQuest is used to determine distance)

Viewed Material

Backyard-Movie Theater provides the equipment rental and an onsite technician. The customer is required to provide all viewing material whether it’s a DVD or Gaming.

Movie Licensing

Important Movie Licensing Information!

It's generally considered "fair use" to view and play your DVDs or Blu-Ray media in the privacy of your own backyard, provided that you're not giving a public exhibition. Please be advised, however, that the purchase of products or equipment from Backyard-Movie Theater does NOT grant the purchaser any rights to make use of or display copyrighted material, nor does it constitute approval of such actions. You may obtain exhibition rights of many copyrighted film and video presentations by making arrangements with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. We strongly recommend that you visit to learn more about pricing, current copyright laws and prohibitions before staging any public viewings of potentially copy-protected materials. You can find additional licensing options at


Certain studios have specific rules as to which of their titles can or cannot be shown publicly with a public performance license, while many older titles have fallen into the public domain, so you may also want to contact the studio that produced, distributes or licenses the film to determine the property's status.

All events more than 35 miles from 60099 add an additional $50.
(MapQuest is used to determine distance)

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