Love to Fish?

The Lake Michigan Fishing season is once again upon us and we're always looking for new people to go fishing with.

My boat (Karma) is a 35 foot Bayliner and is big enough to take me and 4 friends Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan.  My boat is equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, 2 TVs, a stereo and all the equipment needed to fish.  Although there's never a guarantee that we will catch fish, I do guarantee we'll have a good time.  I've even built a TV into the dash so we can watch the ball game when the fishing is slow.

If you’re interested in joining me or any other crew for a day of fishing, please post your information on our Face Book, So anyone looking for an extra fisherman to join them will have a way to contact you. 

Please feel free to share any pictures of your most recent catch or any fishing tips and relevant fishing info you'd like share on the Good Karma Fishing Club, Face Book page to assist other with catching fish.

Remember its always proper fishing etiquette to chip in $25-$50 per person for gas and tackle.


Let’s go fishing.


This is not a solicitation for a professional charter. It’s unlikely anyone who contacts you is a licensed captain.  We’re just fishing enthusiast looking for extras to join in.

Any and all fishing trips are at your own risk.  Neither Good Karma Fishing Club nor Molinaro Enterprises assume any responsibility for your safety or actions.

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1 month ago
Asian carp have never breached a body of freshwater the size of Lake Michigan. Here’s the bizarre way they could survive and thrive in the world’s fifth largest lake.

They can get up to 100 lbs.

Some researchers believe Asian carp would struggle to survive in Lake Michigan because invasive mussels have eaten much of the plankton. A new study predicts they would thrive on mussel feces instead.

1 month ago
Good Karma Fishing

Some video from this season so far.

Some fish from June and July 2019

1 month ago
Photos from Good Karma Fishing's post

We went 6 for 7 today, .

1 month ago

1 month ago
‘It Looks Like A Slum Lord Owns It’; After Years Of Neglect, Illinois Beach State Park Getting $45 Million From Capital Budget To Make Repairs

Long overdue at least some of the Illinois tax increases will benefit us locally.

A crown jewel in the northern suburbs is crumbling after repeated state budget battles, but funding from the recent capital construction program will help Illinois Beach State Park begin repairing ... See more

1 month ago
Great white shark leaps from water to snatch fish off line

This recently happened off of Cape Cod.

A family fishing in Cape Cod Bay got up close and personal with a great white shark that leaped out of the water to snatch a fish they had caught right off t...

1 month ago
Photos from Good Karma Fishing's post

We went 4 for 6 Kevin got a real nice lake trout.

2 months ago
Photos from Good Karma Fishing's post

Beautiful night down by the lake.

2 months ago
Photos from Good Karma Fishing's post

We went 3 for 4, best luck was between 90 and 135. Wonder bread spoon on Dr 50 dn was good for 2 fish and a couple drive bys.

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All events more than 35 miles from 60099 add an additional $50.
(MapQuest is used to determine distance)

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